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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 18, 2012 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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address a bipartisan dinner here in new york tonight. yes, bipartisan they will be at the same place at the same time. all for the sake of the new york diocese. our coverage of the debate continue thousands in a few minutes. john karl brings the scorecard, statements from the candidates, which check out and which ones don't. killing spree at a denver barry mains a mystery. five bodies found after the bar went up in flames. we get the latest now from abc's brandihitt, good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, john, paula. denver police say they have no motive and no suspects behind the mass killing at a bar that was covered up by fire. police found the body of four women and one man inside farro's bar and grill at closing time. detectives say there is trauma on the body. they believe the five were murdered before the fire was
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set. >> came apparent during assessment of patients there were trauma injuries inconsistent with the fire. >> reporter: the coroner has released the name of of all five. the owner of the bar, is among the dead. two 45-year-old women. a 29-year-old man. and 22-year-old woman also now identified. >> we would look to think it was an isolated incident. i can't say that with certainty. >> reporter: police have received several tips in the case and following several lead. >> we are also canvassing the area to see if we can capture video at any businesses might be pro sixed that would afford us an opportunity to gather additional information. >> reporter: right now they're searching for any witnesses who may have been near the bar tuesday night. john, paula. >> brandi, thank you. update on the growing fungal meningitis outbreak linked to a pharmacy in massachusetts. death toll stand at 19. number of confirmed cases jumped to 250. the fda is looking into two more
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drugs from the pharmacy that may have been contaminated by meningitis. doctors are urged to contact patients who got any kind of injection from the company. new research find that taking a multivitamin helped protect men from getting cancer only by a little built. risk of cancer lowered by 8%. much less effective than healthy diet, exercise and not smoking. the results held true only for healthy men who had taken multivit min mult multivitamins over a decade. >> just those over age 50 i believe. they said 8%. if you take a daily vitamin it can lower your risk of cancer 8%. if you eat healthy. if you exercise. if you don't smoke. that can lower your risk by 20% to 30%. >> i guess you should do everything in the study. i guess the best way to go. also fresh, man. vegetables, fruit. get your vitamins natural way. >> american cancer society, haven't decided whether to alter their recommendation, that
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people get it from healthy diet. >> i like junk food. and stuff that is bad for me. i rely on supplements. story from houston -- a mother in big trouble for encouraging her daughter to fight a classmate. police say 38-year-old kimberly hollman drove her daughter to a girl's house and told her to beat the girl up. an eyewitness says when he tried to intervene he found himself under attack as well. >> i was doing my best to keep her off of her. because -- some of the gentlemen that, this mother brought with her were trying to attack me. >> unbelievable. he says it all stemmed from some sort of teenage drama apparently over a boy. hollman charged with a felony, facing between two and tens year. it is unclear any of the men who allegedly attacked the witness would be charged. >> oh, boy. dangerous fire threatening 100 homes in the hills above santa barbara. 40 homes in the area have been evacuated.
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resident have been allowed back. the fire is 40% contained. the same area scorched in 1990 that destroyed hundred of homes. and they know plenty about earthquakes in california. this morning we had a chance to practice what to do in the event of one. >> a major earthquake drill that will take place 10:18, in each time zone. radio announcements made from new york to california. even main your corporations are taking part. staff at wal-mart, target and bank of america will participate. again, 10:18 eastern, do the math. your time zone. >> jump under the desk. >> i will be sleeping. >> through the earthquake. sleep through it. >> sleep like a baby. here is a look at thursday's weather. chilly, wet, windy from the northern plains, upper midwest. stormy in the south with damaging wind, birmgham into the carolinas. pittsburgh as well. heavy rain, nashville and washington. >> 60s in the midwest.
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80s from dallas. 60s in the northern rockies and the pacific north west. the library in lacrosse, wisconsin found a unique way to have teenagers work off fines for overdue books. >> for every 30 minutes a teen spend reading this week, the library will knock off $2. $2.50 off their late fees. >> a good idea. the library the says when the teens get behind their fines, they tend to avoid the library. this is a way to get them back to reading again. absolutely right. all right, this one, a great one as well. honor for an olympic swimming legend, michael phelps as if he doesn't have enough. according to men's health magazine, the most decorated athlete is also the fittest man ever. >> thank you, men's health. phelps told the magazine he stayed at the top of his game so long, thanks to grueling, five hour a day workouts. makes no mention of the picture that surfaced after the game in beijing. of him smoking something.
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number two on the list. martial arts master, bruce lee. and third, arnold schwarzenegger. and number four, not with us tonight, rob nelson. >> is that right. a big workout man? >> he doesn't have gym shoes. >> we need a graphic in a workout suit. not going to happen. >> not going to happen. coming up. a new, some might say disturbing trend. why some moms are outfitting their little boys with bling. >> first, jonathan karl, the post-debate scorecard. lots of accusations. we'll let you know who was right. who was wrong. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ♪
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♪ there sure was a lot of finger pointing and yelling and interrupting at tuesday's presidential debate. both nominees claimed the other just wasn't telling the truth. >> it would make any body's head spin. so abc's jonathan karl tried to sort it all out. here is his scorecard on the tallest tales of the night. rancheros when it com >> reporter: when it came to the biggest whopper, mitt romney took the prize when he claimed he would do what president obama did to save the auto industry. >> that is precisely what i wreck menn recommended and what happened. >> reporter: that's wrong, the president put them through bankruptcy as romney suggested but loaned them taxpayer money.
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romney opposed that. many car analysts say without that public money detroit would have gone under. president obama came in a close second when the green president suddenly sounded like a texas oilman. >> we are actually drilling more on public land than in the previous administration. the previous president was an oilman. >> reporter: not true. leases and permits for oil drilling on public land are down by 40%. the biggest shopper of the night. they broke their agreement, it called for each of them to say in their predesignated areas. so much for that. instead they seemed to immitate gladiators, stalking, finger pointing. moving aggressively toward each other. as mrpoliticos put it, secret service must have been on edge. jeremy epstein, college student asked the first question about getting a job after graduating. since then, getjeremyajob has
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been on twit ter. after the debate he got a chance to talk to both candidates. even getting a promise out of mitt romney for a job when he gets out of college. that may not happen though, jeremy told us he is no longer an undecided voter. if the election were today, he would vote for barack obama. jonathan karl, abc news, washington. >> we hear so much about women too. i don't think any women really liked the sparring and interrupting and the jabs. uncomfortable. >> a dude's thing there. >> yeah. uh-huh. coming up, bling for little boys, speaking of a dude's thing, bling for little boys. now apparently the cool thing to do. >> diamonds aren't a girl's best friend, apparently. you are watching
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♪ these rocks don't lose their shape diamond are a girl's best friend ♪ >> are they. here is a celebrity trend making its way into the mainstream. decking out little boys, yeah, little boys, in high fashion close and accessories. >> you do that with your son i am sure. >> no. >> a new mom investigates what is being called bling for boys. >> reporter: for years we have watched an ever-growing number of celebrities deck out their little girls in runway ready fashions. but move over, little lady, there are some new kids on the fashion forward block. and boy, oh, boy, they're boys. among the most fashion forward boys these days -- >> grandpa watch. >> kourtney's boy, mason. stylist to the stars, rachel
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zoe's boy, skylar. just over a year old but has a closet full of accessories. check out that real missoni scarf wrapped around his neck or little boy bling, a necklace he has frequently been photographed in that doubles as teething bead to. learn more about the trend we assembled a group of moms of boys. all told us they love to dress their little men in the later trend. >> mr. and more boys are wearing skinny jeans. >> the hat is a staple. >> color blocking. it was like, wearing red pants. >> reporter: the ladies we spoke with readily admitted their obsession with little man fashion may stem from not having the little girls they once dreamed of having. >> reporter: how many of you were disappointed when you first found out you were having a buy for exactly this reason. >> me too. >> when i found out i was having a boy, i cried a little. and i was like what am i going to do, there is nothing for hem to wear. and then, once i got a grip. i started shopping for him.ized
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stuff. so cute. gives him a little personality. >> reporter: now that they discovered how to accessorize their guys they say there is no turning back. >> oh. >> little boys are going to look at those pictures and go mom did you do that to me. >> maybe ak saccessorizing, jew, rings. >> the hat, kind of cute. >> coming from the mom that lets her son paint his nails. >> you were telling me earlier. >> nice. ozzie osbourne. >> your mom didn't have a grip on you. >> yeah, my son wants to paint his nails. wants to do everything my daughter does. i bought hem blue nail polish. not so egregious. >> does he have a clue that most dudes do not wear nail polish. take it one step at a time. >> he wears heels and princess dresses. he emulates his sister.
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>> i understand. sure it is very cute. >> i think. >> no bling so far? >> not yet. >> the mix is next, folks. buying this juicer online was unbelievable.
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love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. try finish free. visit us on facebook. okay. welcome to "the mix."a story he and heartbreaking. tonya joy castalona, the new honorary face of covergirl. she also has a great platform through youtube. her videos have attracted 14 million viewers. she teaches little girls how to apply their makeup. again she is struggling now with two forms of cancer. she says her makeup when she puts it on. she can embrace the features she loves about herself. sort of getting into makeup six years ago. she hated wigs. she has chemo, radiation, stem cell transplants, blood
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transfusions, all in a week. now possibility could undergo a ben marrow transplant, leaning. she will have four months to ape year to live. listen to her resolve. i have gotten so many benefits from cancer, having a youtube channel, the journey of cancer was amazing, every journey has an end. cancer has been a gift, but a horrible, horrible thing. look at that smile. >> inspiring, beautiful. best of luck to her. that is inspiring. let's talk about another inspiring story. again one of the slightly disturbing, inspiring. results of the most extensive face transplant revealed seven months later. results are startling. basically the most extensive face transplant, undertaken. 100 doctors, operated on the man, shot himself in the face originally. you see the picture, from hillsville, virginia. the pictures were released. the gun accident, 15 years ago. no sense of smell, part of his
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tongue all gone after the accident. he underwent multiple life saving surgeries. was given a new face, tongue, teeth, jaw, extensive transplant. he says now he can walk past people and they don't give him a second look. >> kudos to the doctors. in france, all young kids are going to want to move to france after hearing this. their new president, one of his, on his agenda, he announced part of his plan for education reform. it include a ban on all homework. "the wall street journal" quotes, must be done in the school rather than in the home if we want to support the children and re-establish quality. 2/3 of the country oppose it. not going to happen. >> kids get too much home work can be a pain in the neck. >> we end up doing it. >> man a little bit. come on. 15 second. going to end it right there. >> i don't enjoy when my daughter does the home work at night. >> wait till it gets harder,
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paula. wait till
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this morning on "world news now" -- plot foiled. investigators say a would-be terrorist targeted one of manhattan's most important buildings. >> he is accused of planning to blow up the federal reserve and doing it by networking through social media. it is thursday, october 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm paula faris. and this guy just declared this is going to be the best show ever. >> best show ever. now we have to live up to that. the bar is up there. we will reach it. i am john muller. rob is off. a lot more on the plot hatched by the young man. police say a committed terrorist. first a look at other stories this morning.
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a victorious sounding president obama hitting the campaign trail a day after that contentious debate. what both candidates are saying about each other in the light of day. and the fallout, the numbers, what this all means, how many days left, who ate what for lun, we'll break it down. >> how many days left. finally take a break. also this half-hour, fashion fail. may be one of the world's most powerful women, the australian prime minister can't escape the plight of many well dressed women on the darn heels. >> darn heels. >> darn heels. i have a love/hate relationship with heels. >> have you wiped out? >> i wipe out all the time. i wipe out -- i have a hard enough time walking, putting 3, 4, 5 inch heels on me. >> i have never seen you wipe out. >> i am a cluts. later, our favorite story of the day, a heart warming homecoming. a man's best friend lost on a camping trip in new mexico find his way home to texas after two
3:02 am
long months. how romeo inspired a little love from coast to coast. >> good for romeo. >> hmm. new details on the foiled plot to blow up the federal reserve. >> the suspect used facebook and social media to find like-minded terrorists what he found was an undercover fbi with more from our sister station wabc. >> reporter: surrounded by cameras, quazi ahsan nafis' lawyer had not much to say. nafis is 21 years old but already the feds say a committed islamist terrorist. in court arraigned on charges of providing material support to a terrorist group, al qaeda. and the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction after parking a van loaded with what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb in front of the federal reserve building in lower manhattan.
3:03 am
officials say he want to a room in nearby millennium hotel and used a cell fun to try to detonate the bomb. the feds rendered the bomb inert, they swooped in and arrested him. >> he was acting alen and inspired by radical islamic fundamentalists, al qaeda. >> inspired is the right word. nasif read the terror magazine called inspire with articles by terrorists. when nafis came here in january he set out to find possible accompli accomplices. what he found was an undercover fbi informant who monitored his every move. authorities say before he tried to detonate the bomb from the room in the millennium hotel he made a video claiming responsibility for the bombing. in it he said this, we will not stop until we attain victory. he would attain, of course, neither one. he was monitored almost from the team of his arrival here in the united states, virtually 24
3:04 am
hours a day, by the fbi now this 21-year-old man from bangladesh may well spend the rest of his life in prison. for abc news in lower manhattan, i'm jim dolan. >> he was here on a work permit. of course, he told the investigators that it was we, alluded he was working with other people. you heard in the piece he was working alone. his status as an international terrorist, they say, was aspirational. he thought he was something bigger than he was. >> exactly right. he came here, they think specifically for the purpose, came into the country specifically to cause a terrorist act, not got here and became disillusioned. thank goodness our intelligence is so good. >> according to the new york police commissioner they're saying 15 mrplots and counting, directly against new york city. the race for the white house, 19 days to go. president obama head to the battleground state of new hampshire today. on the stump in iowa and ohio yesterday.
3:05 am
the president reached out to women voters. stressed his support for insurance coverage for contraception and reused a phrase froms to day's debate while criticizing mitt romney's economic plan. you have heard of the fair deal? you have heard of the square deal? mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> mr. obama's schedule, appearance on jon stewart's show, and he and romney will address a bipartisan dinner here in new york tonight. yesterday, romney was reaching out to women voters. he told crowds in virginia that the president has failed america's women, by not sufficiently boosting the economy. and romney promised that if mr. obama is re-elected it will be more of the same. >> i think it is interesting, with two presidential debates gone, the president still hasn't found an agenda for his second term. we have an agenda for our term. and our agenda is going to get this country working again. >> romney also said that over 3.5 million more women are now
3:06 am
in pof teverty than when the president took office. up more debate, monday night, in florida, the topic, foreign policy. they estimated 1/5 of the population was watching the second debate last night. >> good to know right? >> it is very good to know. some numbers here. i know you are a cruncher, how many days to the election? >> 19. >> become to back gallup polls, give romney the edge. and there are new stats out that say, well first time, that romney has the hit the 50% mark in the likely voter poll. the president has never hit 50% in the likely voter poll. no candidate who led in mid october with 50% or more, as romney does right now, has gone on to lose. so, little bit of couple numbers to digest. >> you think the president wants the first debate back? i think so. >> i think so. i think the third debate will be the equalizer. let's talk the u.s. housing
3:07 am
market. it is very good news. starting to make a comeback. number of new homes being built jumped 15% from august to cement. fastest rate of new construction since the early days of the recession in july 2008. another soon of future construction, applications for building permits up 12%. four year high. police in denver are traying to figure out who killed five people in a bar and set it on fire the a co-owner of the bar among the victims. her body found with three other women and a man. investigators believe the killer set the building on fire to cover up the murders. they say it appears to be an isolated incident. but it ties soon to say for certain. june 10 lt has been set as the tentative trial date for george zimmerman, charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. zimmerman's team is expected to argue the shooting was justified under the florida stand your ground law. lance armstrong told an
3:08 am
associate he felt better and worse. his reaction being dropped yesterday by major sponsors, nike, anheuser-busch, trek bicycles and several others. all that in the aftermath of an overwhelming report claimed armstrong at the center of a major doping program during his career. >> nike deciding to -- to sever their contract with lance armstrong is the -- the final death nell in terms of lance arm strong as an endorser. >> armstrong stepped down as chairman of the livestrong cancer charity. he will reman a member of the board. armstrong always denied doping but is not fighting the charges against him this time around. >> so far. four major sponsors have pulled out. but oakley thus far have remained in solidarity with him. but, one expert was saying, roughly $30 million in lost earnings. what they're projecting. he got $40 million from nike. the second@let they dropped an
3:09 am
endorseme endorsement. you remember, but as well as michael vick. >> okay. wow, yeah. that one as well. honestly not being sarcastic. i hope lance saved his money. don't think the pay days are going to come any more. medical news, encouraging step against pancreatic cancer. a drug made from the thunder god plant wiped out pancreatic tumors in mice. the drug may soon be testeden h -- tested in humans. a deadly form of the disease. only one in five patients is alive a year after diagnosis. the thunder god. how ironic. let's presume we have experienced hard landing end of a flight. probably been nothing look what we are about to show you. >> check out the military plane landing in central germany. hang on tight. comes down short of the runway. bounces over a road, close to onlookers. and finally, comes to a stop. >> were's presuming nobody was hurt and hopefully the pilot did
3:10 am
a little belttter next time. >> whoa. >> help that is the mail truck, or the mail plane. >> no kidding. all is well that end well. >> not combat pilots. coming up she may be one of the world's most powerful women, but australia's prime minister must do battle with something the rest of us deal with, at least the lady. high heels. this time a battle she lost. first, multivitamins have benefits. there is an extra one for men over 50. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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♪ somebody get me a doctor if you haven't gone in for your annual medical checkup, you might consider skipping it this year. in a sweeping study, researchers compared people who got an annual checkup with people who didn't. >> they found out there was no difference in the risk of dying from heart disease, cancer or any other disease. what's the new prescription?
3:15 am
abc's dr. richard besser weighs in. >> if you had a normal physical exam this year and you are feeling well, take a break. every two years check your blood pressure, cholesterol, your weight. every year get a flu shot. if something doesn't feel right, get checked out right away. the problem is so many annual visits are about testing and not talking. your next visit spend it talking to your doctor about those things that matter to your health. stress, sleep, smoking, weight, exercise. if you do those things during your next visit it really could impact on your health. >> tough medicine to take. other studies show patients and doctors believe the annual checkup is the right thing to do. another way you might avoid seeing more of your doctor. take a multivitamin pill. >> you do? >> i do not. i eat fresh fruit and vegetables. >> studies of individual vitamins have not shown the same benefit. abc's senior medical contributor
3:16 am
dr. timothy jo has more. >> reporter: multivitamins, taken by at least ten years.aily multivitamin had an 8% reduction in the risk cancer. they also had a reduction in cancer related deaths. the authors concloude taking a multivitamin reduced the risk of cancer in the men any study. important to note that the study did not look at women or men younger than age 50. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> kind of important to note.
3:17 am
>> if you are up watching the show and overnight shift, we are going to die two decade earlier than any body else. >> not getting any sleep. >> hey, we're all going down. >> the same boat. >> favorite story of the day, heart warming reunion, a man and the best friend he thought he lost forever. >> the burden of fashion, how one of the world's most powerful women fell head over heels. wasn't on purpose. it's all next. wasn't on purpose. it's all next. >> yowsa. action i love telling big stories about big heroes. but, at the end of thehe day, rl life is betterhan y story. our service men and wowomen are the real heroes. every day they make the sacrifices for their country;
3:18 am
for my country; for my son's country. the uso gives us real ways to support our real hees. theris a way we can say thanks. you can go to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it.
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♪ she's so good ♪ >> stilettos, let's talk about, the australian prime minister fell head over heels on a diplomatic visit to india. a wardrobe malfunction having to do with the high-heel shoes. and high end designers, men, i might add, they say we should just take it all in tried. abc's sharyn alfonsi investigates. >> reporter: the first female prime minister of australia, accomplished, well spoken, but not above the one thing all women know. stilettos and soggy grass do not
3:20 am
mix. the third footwear fiasco for the prime minister. not the first woman to fall head over heels so publicly. cue "sex and the city" remember carrie bradshaw's fumble. littered with road kill. wobbles, tumbles, and wipeouts. heathrow airport, lady gaga showed she wasn't the practical lling luggage type and ended up rolling her ankles. for the rest of us why do we bother when we know it can end like this? the man behind those sky scraping red soles, christian louboutin explain it to me like this. >> some women are not completely comfortable with their body. even if you are not really comfortable with your body you are comfortable with the feet. at the time, i was six months pregnant. he proved it to me. >> hello, lovers. i think i lost five pound. when you are talking 7 inch
3:21 am
heels, practically is not the point. >> i do not want these shoes to appear as comfortable shoes. >> not bis-- >> with the heels come hyperrisks. the lesson. looking good is the easy part. it's what you do after the fall that really counts. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> that is the war on women. did you hear what he said? he does not want the shoes to be comfortable. he is not wearing them. >> there you go. reaping all his profits. the way the last model fell, graceful and smiled and went, that's the way you handle it i think. >> what i don't understand about women's shoes. the anatomy of our feet. >> yow. >> gets wider toward the toes. the way the shoe is shaped. it gets narrower at the toes makes abslaught lyababsolutely sense. you have dudes designing. >> i don't design shoes. 7 inch heels are too high. like the ones shorter.
3:22 am
>> i like flats. pumps. i still trip in pumps. >> you would be in big trouble on 7 inches. >> a heart warming story of lost and found next. [ mother bear ] you're not using too much are you, hon?
3:23 am
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[ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. it's made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you
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long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. ♪ ♪ ♪ that's my dog that's my dog ♪ ♪ nah-nah-nan ♪ that's my dog ♪ nah-nah-nah a heart warming homecoming that defies the odds. it is our "favorite story of the day." >> we almost coordinated. >> we didn't. you and rob have it down so much. >> no, rob and i are way off the mark. >> a texas man had given up hope after seeing his 15-year-old golden retriever, went missing during a summer camping trip in new mexico. >> then he got a phone call completely out of the blue. alana greenfogle of albuquerque
3:26 am
was there for the emotional reunion. >> reporter: to understand why this moment is so special -- >> i never thought i would see you again, pup. >> reporter: you have to know what the dog has been through. his name is romeo for two reasons, apparently a lady's man. >> he was born in rome. >> reporter: since he was a few weeks old, romeo went everywhere with his owner, mike stocks. >> we have been attached at the hip, 15 1/2 years. >> reporter: in august they were on a camping trip in santa fe. >> it started raining. i unzipped the end of the tent to pull the rain flap over. i didn't zip it up quick enough. he snuck out. kind of sneaky. >> reporter: for days mike tried to find romeo, before the coyotes or mountain lions did. >> we thought there is no way he could survive. >> reporter: devastated forced to go home, leaving behind a memorial in his best buddy's memory. >> two month as ago i had given
3:27 am
up. two months later, eli madrid was working security when he spotted a lost dog. >> i had to chase him. >> the microchip traced the starving puppy back to texas. >> i guess by the grace of dog i found a dog. >> reporter: the revised love story of a hopeless romantic named romeo. >> it is indescribable, just, after you think you have lost something and two months later, it is like a resurrection. it it is just surreal. >> great story. >> that is great. two months he was gone. 15 years old. >> 15, the little fellow trying to make it two months. >> that's why if you are a dog owner, a really, have to be an advocate for the chip, how he was found. >> absolutely. positively. i know like some people don't get it. i get. i love dogs. i totally get it. >> i had dogs and cats growing up. i get it as well. don't have any right now. rob -- >> apparently rob is not a big
3:28 am
rob -- >> apparently rob is not a big fan hi, i'm jon secada. did you know that chronic hepatitis c affects approxately one million hispanic americans? each story is different, but for at least 20 years my father never said how sick was getting. he stayed silent, never talked over the optitios with his doctor. if he had, maybe i'd be siting m at home, instead of here. if you still think there strength in silence, think again. talk to your doctor about your options and learn momore at tune in to hep c dot com.
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this morning on "world news now" -- getting ready for round three. the candidates hit the trail in the wake of their confrontational second debate. >> their final face to face showdown, it is just four days away, not that we are counting. it's thursday, october 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm john muller. rob nelson is off today. >> great to have you here my friend. >> great to be here. >> i'm paula faris. we'll get to the fallout from the fiery presidential debate in just a momento. also, inside the foiled terror plot, targeting the federal reserve. the fbi says that the suspect thought he was one phone call away from blowing up this new york landmark, 1,000 pounds of explosives.
3:31 am
then drunk, disorderly, on duty in afghanistan, brian ross on the trail of u.s. contractors caught partying instead of protecting. later, is justin timberlake about to be just married? all signs pointing to a wedding this week for timberlake and his fiancee, jessica biel, all coming up in "the skinny". engaged quite a while. looks like they may follow through with it sometime within the next week. >> we'll keep you posted. first presidential politics, both president obama and mitt romney will stop out of the attack mode tonight and look for some laughs in new york in a bipartisan fund-raising event for the catholic church. >> they were in the battleground states yesterday and looking for votes and tailoring their message towards women voters. there are now just 19 days until election day. abc's jake tapper reports from the campaign trail. >> reporter: beaming and feeling triumphant, president obama came
3:32 am
out in mt. vernon, iowa, with his fists still flying. >> you have heard of the fair deal, you have heard of the square deal, mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> reporter: polls suggest the public gives obama the edge over romney on the campus of ohio university in athens, obama supporters were delighted. business consultant, angie madden liked it when the president asserted himself on libya. >> the suggestion that anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. awe thought he put romney in his place. thought he did a fantastic job. >> reporter: this student liked the president's feistiness. >> i liked when they got up -- they almost looked like they would duke it out. >> i had a question, the question was how much did you cut them by? how much did you cut them by? >> you want me to answer -- >> reporter: it had to be said, one of the reasons supporters feel high now is because they had been feeling low. >> reporter: what did you think after the first debate? >> not too good. >> reporter: now? >> energized? >> reporter: for its part the
3:33 am
romney campaign was so happy about the governor's message about the obama economy, they put it in a new dad. >> his policies haven't worked. 23 million americans out of work. that's what the election is about. >> reporter: winning the election right now is quite a bit about women voters as both made clear. >> governor romney says we should eliminate funding for planned parenthood. there are millions of women all across the country who rely on planned parenthood. >> reporter: democrats think romney provided an opening when talking about staffing his massachusetts cabinet. >> i want to women's groups. i said can you help us find folks? they brought us binders full of women. >> reporter: binders of women was the number one searched item on google and punch line for democrats. >> we don't have to collect a bunch of binders, to find, talented, driven, young women. >> reporter: reenergizing voters is one thing, the president seems to have accomplished that, what we don't know if the president has won over any new converts. with the race tight here in
3:34 am
battleground state ohio, time is running out. jake tapper, abc news, traveling with the president in athens, ohio. probably won't have the fallout from the debate and numbers until end of the week. right now, gallup, back to back leads, among likely voters for romney. but you heard -- going into the piece they're both going to be at the same event tonight in new york. the dinner, traditional kind of, lay down your arms, cut through. >> have some jokes. >> loosen the mood. >> raise some money for them. >> dates back to 1960. >> nixon and kennedy. >> yes, i would imagine after going at each other for so long, even if they're there to lay down their arms. don't you think they will slip. and like -- >> went be a slip. >> no. >> won't be a slip? when you do it for so long, how do you just stop? 19 more days and it will be stopped. the election is coming. >> a man from bangladesh is in custody here in new york city
3:35 am
charged with trying to blow up the federal reserve. officials say he parked a van filled with what he believed were explosives outside the federal reserve building and then tried to detonate those explosives by a remote control. >> clearly if you read the complaint what it shows is this individual came here for the purpose of doing a terrorist act. he came here in january, of this year, he gets a student visa. under the pretext of being a student at a college in missouri. and he comes here, with, with, again, at vowed purpose of committing some sort of jihad here in the united states. >> but the police commissioner says the public was never in any danger since the informant was part of the plot. well the admitted master mind of the 9/11 attacks has given a defiant lecture about government hypocrisy. khalid sheik mohamed spoke out
3:36 am
at a pretrial hearing at guantanamo bay naval base, cuba. his speech lasted five minutes. muhammad said it was hypocritical for prosecutors to keep secrets, what happened to him in years of captivity in cia prisons. the fallout continues this morning over the prostitution scandal hat stunned a seaside community in maine. a high school hockey coach stepped down after his name appeared on a list of men who allegedly paid to have sex with 29-year-old, zumba instructor alexis wright. in her kennebunk studio. former south portland mayor, a married father of three, he is also among the first names released. but 21 names have been released. again, they think that they could be as high as 150. how nervous is that community? >> my goodness, gracious. ex-mayor. huh? >> they are expecting prominent businessmen, lawyers, law
3:37 am
enforcement officials as well. and, they, they -- they will all appear in court, or at least the guy, suspect due to appear in court december 5. she secretly taped her evidence and that's how they found it all. >> the community is so small. the board of education sent out a memo to teachers saying be on the lookout for any students who may have relatives on the list so they don't get bullied or teased. that's how small the area is. >> look "cheers" everybody knows your name. >> everybody knows everybody. 10,000 people in the community. >> more drama to come. >> uh-huh. police in denver on the hunt for a killer after five were found dead in a burned out bar. police believe all four were murdered before the bar was set on fire. around closing time early wednesday morning. a co-worker of the bar is among the victims. police are hoping it was an isolated incident. they can't say for sure. lance armstrong, a member of the board for his cancer organization, livestrong this morning. he is no longer the organization's chairman. armstrong stepped down yesterday after several of his major
3:38 am
sponsors including nike and anheuser-busch withdrew their sponsorship. after a report claimed that armstrong led a doping organization during his cycling career. and he was expected, rather, nike, he was paid, roughly about $40 million over the course of that endorsement deal. but this is definitely something -- that i don't think he will be able to run from. >> worst nightmare scenario. >> you saw people mock g livestrong bracelets he sold, raised $80 million, it said "livewrong." here is your thursday forecast, wet day from upstate new york. severe morning storms in the deep south. showers and thunderstorms from jacksonville, carolinas. windy, cool, showers across the dakotas and upper midwest. >> 50s from fargo to chicago. 60s from detroit to the northeast. 80s across the south. 93 in phoenix. the financial crisis in greece has one sports team turning to the world's oldest profession to stay afloat.
3:39 am
>> got to do what you got to do. cash strapped, amateur players agreed to wear bright pink jerseys, emblazed with the names of two local brothels. they hoped the fee would make up for government spending cuts. the soccer league has objected. >> the objectification of women. they banned the jerseys saying it violates the sporting ideal. kudos to them. >> kind of cool, take off the sponsorship. >> not breast cancer awareness month. >> no, certainly not. look at -- the bright pink uniforms. my goodness. all right, coming up, the guy who brought sexy back gets ready to say "i do." >> stunning video of men paid to protect government workers in afghanistan -- unable to control even themselves. the drunken drama putting americans at risk. you are going to see it next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather -- brought to you by consumer cellular. i'm done!
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shocking shocking videotape from afghanistan this morning, it shows private u.s. defense contractors so drunk or high that they can't stand up. >> shocking is an understatement. the private company that they worked for was paid millions of dollars to be on call 24/7. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross has this exclusive report. >> reporter: on the dangerous streets of kabul, afghanistan. [ explosion ] these are some of the men being
3:44 am
paid by american taxpayers. >> there you go, all right. >> reporter: to protect u.s. civilians from terrorists, 24/7, as they work for the american government. this is the staggeringly drunk security manager. for an american company called george scientific. with a $47 million contract from the pentagon to train afghan police that requires zero tolerance for alcohol or drug use. >> they're endangering themselves, they're endangering the people they're there to protect. >> come on. >> reporter: this was the company's medical officer, wiped out, stoned. >> please snap out of it. >> reporter: after shooting up with a prescription anesthetic. >> it was like a frat house for adults. >> reporter: the revealing footage was provided to abc by two former company employees, john nelson and kenny smith. could they possibly have been ready for attack? >> no, sir. >> reporter: george scientific, operated out of what was supposed to be a high-security
3:45 am
covert location. yet on some night, the former employees say the executives built bonfires and threw ammunition rounds into the flames for fun. was this an every night thing like this? >> no, sir it wasn't every night. it was every other night. >> reporter: but they say there was no oversight from the military. >> all indications from what i have been able to read and see so far indicated that somebody missed something. >> reporter: the former employees say the only way they knew to stop the craziness was to stop the flow of alcohol. in the end, they both quit in disgust. in a statement, george scientific says it agrees, the behavior on the video was unacceptable and says it has fired or placed on leave all those involved. and following questions from abc news, the u.s. army's criminal investigation division has opened an investigation into what the video shows. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> stunning.
3:46 am
>> that is damning evidence. why do you take video? >> why the video? >> yes. those guys probably looked at it had no recollection they were so obliterated. the gentlemen who spoke to us, gave abc the video, they filed a lawsuit against the company. because they claim that americans -- that dangerous illegal behavior put american lives at risk. boy did it ever. >> yeah. >> people have to blow off steam on their night off. every other night. getting in that condition. >> bonfires. >> bonfires. exactly. not good. all right, when we come back, we'll see what is up in "the skinny." >> you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" continues after
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny all right, time for "the skinny." should we start? flava flav, got arrested. >> i think you should start us off. >> i will kick it off. yeah, in trouble. police in las vegas say the entertainer was jailed on felony charges stemming from a domestic argument with his fiancee and domestic threats to attack her teenage son with a knife. the former rapper and reality television star is being held, was being held on $23,000 bail. the clark county jail. and he will have an initial court appearance for, for today, thursday. so -- flava flav. >> justin timberlake and jessica
3:49 am
biel if you don't agree to the nuptials, speak now or forever hold your peace. >> -- forever hold your peace. okay. >> they're allegedly going to get married this week in the south of italy. they have had bachelor parties, dress sessions, and trips to europe. got engaged 10 months ago. all set, they're going to consummate this weekend, all of the activities have kicked off. they had ultra-private celebrations. guests have been warned, any phones, cameras would be confiscated. best to leave them at the hotel. they're trying to keep this extremely hush-hush. he has never been extremely forth right about the relationship. he says it is so private to him. she is so special to him, private to him. they want to keep that whole relationship sacred. >> want to put a wager on whether we will see secret photos snapped? >> there will be secret photos for sure. >> i think so too. >> donald trump going online
3:50 am
-- on twitter last night, weighing in, not about the debates, robert pattinson, and kristen stewart's reconciliation. "the donald" is not a fan, apparently, he shared two cents on twitter. robert pattinson should not take kristen stewart. she cheated on him like a dog and will do it again. just watch. he can do much better. >> is this because he can relate, from experience. >> yowsa. >> certainly has plenty of experience on a lot of things, and a lot of opinions on a lot of things. >> what happened to forgiveness and second chances. >> maybe just giving the fellow the advice he thinks he needs to give. >> i don't really think he wants the advice. just my two cents. you know what i want -- i want to know what uma thurman's daughter's name was, had the baby with her new husband back in july. they finally revealed it. according to "people" magazine,
3:51 am
listen to the girl's name -- rosalind arusha arkadina altalune florence thurman-busson. seven names. ladies and gentlemen, they say they will call her luna. thank the lord. origins of her name they want to keep private. according to uma's rep. each name, all seven have special reason and meaning to her mother and father. she has two kids from previous relationship with ethan hawke. uma's father is a buddhist. became a buddhist in 1964, writer,/academic, for buddhist religion. but, yes -- >> rasalind arusha arkadina atalune florence thurman-busson -- call her luna. just rolls off the tongue. >> wow. all right. last but not least -- "america's next top model." a female thing. going to accept male models. for a decade, a female only contest. next season the show will get an injection of testosterone as male contestants will be accepted first time. what do you think?
3:52 am
>> all in the same house, duke it out. all the same -- great drama. >> do you watch? >> i think i might. just for the sake of drama. we'll be right back. just for the sack k sake of dra. we'll be right back. from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. follow the wings. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, sensational relief. ♪ one hot mama you turn me on and turn it up turn this room into a sauna ♪ >> one hot mama. >> hmm. celebrities get press for sporting a baby bump and getting fit in the prebaby clothes weeks after delivery. >> yeah, a new standard and an unfair one by which all women are judged. one young mom is fighting back. abc's juju chang has her story. >> reporter: there is a new breed of mom on the playground. just weeks after giving birth she is back in skinny jeans and 6-inch heels, dubbed mom shells, they're a hybrid of mommies and bombshells. from gwyneth paltrow to beyonce. they seem to be everywhere. now, allison tate is leading a
3:56 am
populist backlash. >> definitely, felt dumpy. dowdy. frustrated. >> reporter: she had given birth to her fourth child when she did something many women do every day, resisted taking a picture with her son at a birthday party. >> my 5-year-old son, came up, said, "mommy come be in the photo booth with me." and my first reaction was "no." because i knew that i looked awkward and tired and -- so i didn't want to do it. >> reporter: allison had a lot of reasons to be confident, she had an ivy league education, happily married with four beautiful kids, what was wrong here? >> even as i said, no. i also thought, i need to just do this. because i have a 10-year-old. i know they don't ask you forever to be in pictures with them. >> reporter: she wrote a blog about the experience and suddenly the moment became a movement. mom stays in the picture, sparked a viral rallying cry. thousand of women submitted their own pictures even if they didn't look their best.
3:57 am
>> you are not looking at whether the mom is overweight or did their hair or makeup. all you see, moms, and their kids and all the love. our kids do not care what we look like. they only see their mother. and -- i just think that what women need to do is remember that, you don't ruin their pictures, you complete them. >> reporter: juju chang in los angeles. >> good for her. >> yeah, who could argue with that. >> there is a lot of pressure on women. especially, you see these models, and actresses, they're living in a different world. pink, she does look amazing. lost 55 pound after having her daughter last summer. here is how she did it. >> how did she do it? >> twice a day, two workouts a day with trainers. >> with trainers. nutritionist in there some where. >> yeah, you have nannies and all that. you should look like that. if you are a normal person like us, enjoint mid -- enjoy the midsection. >> what midsection?
3:58 am
listen to her. >> announcer: this i
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